About Us

ARC Theatre aims to involve young people (mainly ages 15-28) in all aspects of theatre performance, production and organisational activities. ARC Theatre is one branch of a larger community arts organisation (ARC) which currently includes a community choir (ARCappella) and various social and recreational activities for its members.

ARC was founded in 1996 as a not-for-profit incorporated association. The aims and objectives of ARC are outlined below.

Statement of Purpose

  • To perform amateur theatrical productions for local residents.
  • To extend the range of cultural activities available in the area that people can become involved in, particularly young people (15-28).
  • To involve people, particularly young people, in all aspects of theatre performance, production, and organisational activities.
  • To provide a means for people to interact with others in the community through sharing the common goal of making the production possible. Involvement in such a group provides a sense of solidarity and significance in its members, promoting personal development.

Supporting Melbourne's youth in theatre