2004 – Sweet Charity

ARC’s July 2004 production was Sweet Charity – Book by Neil Simon; Lyrics by Dorothy Fields; Music by Cy Coleman. Some of the hits include Hey, Big SpenderThe Rhythm of Life and If My Friends Could See Me Now.


SWEET CHARITY is a moving and funny look at the (mis)adventures of the gullible and guileless Charity Valentine. Charity is a dance hostess at the Fandango Ballroom, who always gives her heart and her dreams to the wrong man. Some of her misadventures include:

  • A misguided relationship with a married man, whom she hopes will be her fiancé. One day while walking through the park Charity romantically suggests he throw something into the lake for good luck, he tricks her by throwing her in and stealing her purse, which contains her life savings. Poor Charity is pulled out of the lake by a passer-by, and reports her misfortune to the police.
  • A night with the famous film star, Vittorio Vidal, who calls Charity’s girlfriends at the Fan-Dango ballroom to prove she is out with a celebrity. Just as Charity is about to make a move on Vittorio, Ursula, Vittorio’s mistress with whom he has been feuding, interrupts them and Charity ends up hiding from Ursala in a closet all night.
  • Getting stuck in an elevator with a claustrophobic tax accountant named Oscar, who takes an interest in Charity, and invites her to his Rhythm of Life Church, which evolved from a jazz music group. For some unknown reason to Charity, Oscar thinks she is a bank teller. She likes this idea, so decides not to clarify what she really does for a living.
  • When Charity quits her job and finally gets the nerve up to tell Oscar that she is a dance hall hostess, she is surprised to find out that he already knew the truth; he had followed her there one night and stayed to watch. Oscar proposes to her.

But will Charity live happily ever after?

Performance season

The performance season ran over two weeks including five performances:

  • Saturday 3rd July at 2pm (Matinee) & 8pm
  • Thursday 8th July at 8pm
  • Friday 9th July at 8pm
  • Saturday 10th July at 8pm


Charity Hope Valentine Laura Burzacott
Nickie Melissa Ventura
Helene Rebecca Gooley
Oscar Lindquist Michael Gaté
Vittorio Vidal Paul Odorisio
Ursula March Meaghan Kominiarski
Herman Luciano Parissi
Daddy Brubeck Adrian Ventura/Stuart Ford (alternating)
Brubeck’s Assistant #1 Stuart Ford/Adrian Ventura (alternating)
Brubeck’s Assistant #2 Natalie Bocallini
Carmen Sian Marvelley
Rosie Kiloran Hiscock
Suzanne Lara Ishkan
Frenchy Catherine Sharples
Betsy Melinda Savino
Elaine Anita Marelic
Hostesses Danielle D’Arro
Daniella Li Rosi
Tina Truong
Laura Meese
Ensemble Sofia Ciancia
Rebecca Conwell
Carli Jones
Sara Lacey
Amelia van Lint
Karen Lister
Cathy Patullo
Matthew Spiteri
Rhyce Allen
Nicolaas Burgers
Seb Dworkin
Douglas English
Marcus van Lint
Michael Paul
Chris Prendergast
Frank Saladino
Christopher Walsh

Artistic Team

Director Andrew Jameson
Assistant Director Kane McDonald
Musical Director Lucas Burns
Assistant Musical Director Sam Lee
Choreographer Leigh Barker
Assistant Choreographer Nadia Gianinotti

Producers (ARC Committee)

President Seb Dworkin
Vice President Catherine Sharples
Treasurer Melissa Ventura
Secretary John McTiernan
General Representatives Nicolaas Burgers
Melinda Savino
Laura Meese
Nicholas Compton

Production Team

Stage Manager Jayne Lovelock
Assistant Stage Manager Emma Leaver
Lighting Designer Damien Calvert
Lighting Technician Marty Accari
Follow-spot Operators Stewart Richards
Kesh Alponso
Sound Technician Paul McKinnon
Lighting/Sound Crew Bianca Vincent
Set Designers Nicolaas Burgers
Damien Calvert
Set Construction Manager Stewart Richards
Graphic Designer Stuart Ford
Costumes Dachelle Fergusson
Sara Lacey
Amelia van Lint
Karen Lister
Make-up Designer Melinda Savino
Media Officer/Publicist Carli Jones
Front of House Coordinator Zoë Holloway
Props Manager Vickie Zarifopoulos
Ticketing Secretary Amelia van Lint

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