2005 – The Witches of Eastwick

In July 2005, ARC staged one of its most ambitious musicals so far. The Witches of Eastwick was the Victorian amateur premier, and the production proved to be one of ARC’s most successful showcasing of what young talent can achieve. Read the Stage Whispers Review.


In the picturesque, conservative New England town of Eastwick, Rhode Island, where everyone knows everyone’s ‘dirty laundry’, Alex, Sukie and Jane – three beautiful, single women – conjure up images of the perfect man. When their imaginings are made flesh with the arrival of newcomer Darryl van Horne, the town and the three women will never be the same, as hell breaks loose, literally.

But when tragedy ensues and an innocent is corrupted, the three modern day witches realise the damage of Darryl’s devilish influence and become determined to send him back from wherever he came from.

It’s a saucy tale about biting into the forbidden fruit, the way life can change right before your eyes and things not being quite as they seem.

Performance season

The performance season ran over two weeks and featured 6 performances:

  • Friday 1st July at 8pm
  • Saturday 2nd July at 8pm
  • Thursday 7th July at 8pm
  • Friday 8th July at 8pm
  • Saturday 9th July at 2pm (matinee) & 8pm

The production played at the Banyule Theatre, Buckingham Drive, Heidelberg.

Producers (ARC Committee)

The producers of The Witches of Eastwick were the 2004-2005 ARC Committee:

President Nicolaas Burgers
Vice President Michael Paul
Treasurer Melissa Ventura
Secretary Leah D’Astoli
General Representatives Vickie Zarifopoulos
Laura Meese
Frank Saladino
Adrian Ventura

Artistic Team

Director James Cutler
Assistant Director Michael Butler
Musical Director Andrew Perry
Choreographer Leigh Barker
Assistant Choreographer Melissa Rapinett


We had an extremely high number of people auditioning for this show!  Here is the cast list:

Darryl Van Horne Bryce Ives
Alexandra Spofford Laura Burzacott
Jane Smart Virginia Crouch
Sukie Rougemont Alana Kiely
Felicia Gabriel Cathy Patullo
Clyde Gabriel Luciano Parissi
Michael Spofford Tyler Hess
Jennifer Gabrial Melissa Hedstrom
Little Girl Georgie Darvidis
Ensemble Bec Gooley
Melissa Driessen
Melissa Ventura
Lou Endicott
Nadia Carrafa
Lauren McCormack
Laura Meese
Kathryn Maloney
Sarah Bell
Kate Roche
Linda Macchion
Angie Bird
Angie Bedford
Sandra Schipano
Adrian Ventura
Michael Paul
Doug English
Seb Dworkin
John McTiernan
Nicolaas Burgers
Frank Saladino
Brad Coad
Daniel Kerovec
Kane McDonald
Will Ross
Stuart Ford
Melissa Rapinett
Joanne Warrener

Production Team

Rehearsal Accompanist Abi Hitchcock
Stage Manager Andrew Jameson
Assistant Stage Manager Melinda Savino
Set Designers Damien Calvert
Nicolaas Burgers
Set Construction Manager Michael Paul
Asst. Set Construction Manager Frank Saladino
Costume Designers Karen Marshall
Georgiana Russell-Head
Lighting Designer Damien Calvert
Assistant Lighting Designer Marty Accari
Sound Technician Paul McKinnon
Follow-spot Operators James Baker
Michael Butler
Sound Assistant Bianca Vincent
Graphic Designer Stuart Ford
Media Officer/Publicist Sandra Schipano
Props Manager Vickie Zarifopoulos
Makeup Designers Sofia Ciancia
Tina Truong
Ticket Secretary Amelia van Lint
Front-of-House Coordinator Sian Marvelley

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