About Us

ARC Theatre aims to involve young people (mainly ages 15-28) in all aspects of theatre performance, production and organisational activities. ARC Theatre is one branch of a larger community arts organisation (ARC) which currently includes a community choir (ARCappella) and various social and recreational activities for its members.

ARC was founded in 1996 as a not-for-profit incorporated association. The aims and objectives of ARC are outlined below.

Statement of Purpose

  • To perform amateur theatrical productions for local residents.
  • To extend the range of cultural activities available in the area that people can become involved in, particularly young people (15-28).
  • To involve people, particularly young people, in all aspects of theatre performance, production, and organisational activities.
  • To provide a means for people to interact with others in the community through sharing the common goal of making the production possible. Involvement in such a group provides a sense of solidarity and significance in its members, promoting personal development.

Public Documents

ARC’s public documents are available below for download. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the official framework of ARC.

ARC Constitution

ARC Financial Guidelines (2013)


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  1. Hi
    I’m a theatre teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic. Some of my students may be interested in some extra workshops in theatre or singing so please let me know about what you have coming up.

  2. Hi ,
    when is your next show? Trying to encourage my son Locky to get involved. He has experience but bit nervous to apply.Hes 21 and it sounds great. thanks

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