2011 – Grease

ARC’s 2011 musical production was Grease. This marked the Company’s 15th year anniversary. Grease also had a MINI SITE which contains a great visual record of the show.

Performance season

The performance season ran over two weeks and included 7 performances:

  • Friday 8th July: 8pm (Gala – Cocktail Attire Event) Saturday 9th July: 8pm Wednesday 13th July: 8pm Thursday 14th July: 8pm Friday 15th July: 8pm Saturday 16th July: 2pm (Matinee) Saturday 16th July: 8pm
  • Grease was performed at the Banyule Theatre, Heidelberg.


Danny Costa Zacharia
Sandy Rachel Tigel
Kenickie** Harrison Wall
Rizzo Ashleigh Kreveld
Doody Luke Oldmeadow
Roger Luciano Parissi
Sonny Giulian De Vincentis
Frenchy Kate Spruce
Jan Jaclyn De Vincentis
Marty Elise Cavallo
Vince Fontaine Nicholas Durbridge
Teen Angel Robert Clark
Eugene Anthony Economou
Patty Stephanie Laiacona
Johnny Casino Joseph Bootten
Miss Lynch Michelle Crupi
Cha Cha Marijke Franken
Nicholas Barca  Pasquale Bartalotta  Rachel Edwards  Danielle Faour  Claire Foster  Yasmin Ismail  Nathan Kellie  Shaun McMahon  Kerryn Moren  Brad Murphy  Rhys O’Shannassy  James Phillips  Katerina Poropat  Ashleigh Psaila  Victoria Simpson  Nathan Slevin  Natalie Torzillo

**Kenickie was originally to be played by Julian Campobasso but due to an injury he was not able to perform the role.

Producers (ARC Committee)

President Evan Mulholland
Vice President Nicholas Barca
Treasurer Anthony Economou
Secretary Louise Parsons
General Representatives Rowena Brown
Jaclyn De Vincentis
Antigone Koutoulas
Ellen Lane

Artistic Team

Co-Directors Mark Kearney
Stephen Valeri
Co-Musical Directors Simon D’Aquino
Kent Ross
Choreographer Emmalee Meisels
Assistant Director Brentton Peacock
Assistant Choreographer Brianna Evans

Production Team

Stage Manager Matthew Wheatland
Assistant Stage Manager Amanda Warner
Costume Design and Co-ordination Louise Parsons
Costume Assistant Natalie Torcaso
Floor Manager Liam Smith
Front of House Co-ordinator John McTiernan
Graphic Designer Frank Gullone
Lighting Designer Danny Issko
Lighting Operator Jessica Cornish
Minisite Creator/Designer Jaclyn De Vincentis
Andrew Jameson
Multimedia Manager Luisa Tascone
Photographer Nancy Tran
Properties Natalie Torcaso
Stephen Valeri
Publicity Julian Campobasso
Paul Campobasso
Set Construction Manager Matt Wheatland
Assistant Set Construction Manager Giulian De Vincentis
Set Designers Mark Kearney
Stephen Valeri
Sound Designer Marcello Lo Ricco
Sound Operator Dean Gourley
Ticket Secretaries Rowena Brown
Anthony Economou
Musicians Genevieve Campbell
Simon D’Aquino
Lauren Fell
Caitlin Franken
Scott Jolley
Franca Locandro
Chris Rourke
Cobie Spencer

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