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We are thrilled to announce the amazing cast for our July 2014 production All Shook Up!

Chad – Ryan Purdy
Natalie – Shannon Pendrey
Sylvia – Felicity Eastwood
Dennis – Nathan Slevin
Sandra – Merryn Degnan
Jim – Steven Kent
Lorraine – Ashleigh Psaila
Mayor Matilda Hyde – Verity Brown
Dean Hyde – Jonathon White
Henrietta – Sasha Hennequin
Sheriff Earl – Nick Durbridge

Featured Dancers:
Jessica Cook
Demi Mangione
Madeleine Psaila
Lucy Ross
Victoria Simpson
Alex Williams

Pasquale Bartalotta
Josi Bruce
Daniel Bugge
Natalie Carden
Giulian De Vincentis
Danielle Faour
Tom Frost
Morgan Lobe
Elise Moorhouse
James Oorloff
Jessicah O’Sullivan
Hannah Rodda
James Tarkasis
Ryan Turner
Michael Uccellini

Thank you to all auditionees for their time and talent. We were overwhelmed with interest in this show and are super excited for the months ahead.

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